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Our Dark Story

The night sky in Wanaka has a magical vista while being surrounded by mountains. 

Our main viewing site at Wanaka Airport utilizes the NASA balloon launch pad with an uninterrupted 360-degree view. If you choose to go on our Island Stargazing trips we can take you to several remote islands to marvel at the night sky while fully immersed in Mt Aspiring National Park. 


Dark Sky Mission

The preservation of the night sky is important to our health and the future of the global population's health. The melatonin production when living in light polluted areas is suppressed leading to general ill health due to lack of sleep as well as having negative effect for our wildlife. We will work with local councils and businesses to try and preserve our night sky and educate all of our adventures so this becomes a topic that is kept alive all around the world.

Dark Sky Vision

During our tours we will introduce you to the spectacular universe using simple techniques as well as the latest digital technology that allows you to see deeper into space than possible with binoculars or our Expert grade DIgital telescope that you can log onto live and view from your own device.

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